In the first 9 seconds you will achieve 90% of your impact. This is known as the 9-90 rule. A rule every speaker should be mindful of across every aspect of their business. Your credibility can be determined within those first 9 seconds. It is a rule that absolutely comes into play with what you wear and how you wear what you wear. 55% of your personal impact is achieved through the “visuals” impact of you. What your viewer or audience is seeing. If there is anything visually about you that is distracting, the audience will focus on the distraction and not you and your important messages.

Kay Korsh is a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant who can help you change the way you are perceived on stage and virtually.   In just 60 minutes she can ensure your stage or virtual presence will have people listening to what you have to say instead of looking at what you wear.

It is essential therefore that every speaker is mindful of these two simple facts, and pays attention to their wardrobe, to ensure that they are wearing the right colours, shape and styles that bring out the best of their natural qualities and there is nothing visually about them that is a potential distraction.

Kay Korsh is a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant. She is founder of Mind Over Fashion.

Who is Kay?

I knew from a very young age I wanted to be a stylist - not a designer - my main strength is in knowing what suits a certain person and which things go well together.

I started my education in Kiev, Ukraine, where I studied hair, make-up and styling, which gave me a great opportunity to understand how the whole look works. I then went on to work in television. I loved giving presenters their Signature Styles and prepping for events, I get a kick of adrenaline every time I put someone in the outfit, they feel confident and comfortable in.

I then went on to work in film, before moving to the UK to do a fashion course. Since then I’ve been doing brand consultancy for Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gieves & Hawkes, Wunderkind among others. And High Fashion editorial for the titles like Harpers Bazaar and L’Officiel. Over the years I’ve worked with celebrities like Lily James, Olga Kurylenko, Ben Whishaw, Will Young and Jenson Button.

Then I realised that something was missing as I’ve always found fashion superficial and I wanted to put my skills into helping women and men find more confidence and spend less time on their looks so they can get on with what they do best. That’s when I started Mind Over Fashion - Wardrobe Editing and Personal Styling (

Kay has recently started working in the Speaking industry and is offering a 1 hour online consultation to ensure your stage or virtual presence will have people listening to what you have to say instead of looking at what you wear.

During the session:

  • Kay will discuss the objectives of your wardrobe and the current problems you'd like to solve.
  • You will try on 5+ different outfits, and Kay will provide her feedback on them. Her advice might include talking about the essentials in the wardrobe and how to develop your signature style, in line with your lifestyle.
  • You will talk about the colours which suit you.
  • Kay will then summarise any advice given in the session in an email, including the colour palette and the shapes which work for you.
  • You will end up with your very own Pinterest board which will include the inspiration images of your Signature Style, the styles and colours which work for you and the brands you might like to explore. You will be able to keep this board forever and add things to it if you find something you want to add to it. This will help you save time and money when you shop as you will have a clear understanding of what works for you.

Cost for a 60 minute session

£65 plus VAT

ENQUIRE BY EMAILING: [email protected]